Scania in The Guiness Book of Records


Ok so this is one of those lazy blogs for me as its straight from Scania’s press release. Why?? Because its just to hard to put all the info into my own words!!

The world’s tallest concrete pump, mounted on a 7-axle Scania V8-truck, put Scania in the Guinness Book of Records. The pump, unveiled by Chinese concrete machinery manufacturer Zoomlion, is 101 metres long and has a 7-section boom, the last 4 sections being made of carbon fibre.

In recent years, the giants of the world concrete pump industry have outdone each other, time and time again, on the way to the magical 100-metre threshold. When Scania was commissioned to specify and build a truck chassis for the huge superstructure needed, everything had to be kept strictly secret.

“Zoomlion asked us to build a chassis for the tallest mobile pump in the world and the first one over 100 metres, but also asked us to keep it a secret, as they wanted to release the news on Zoomlion’s 20th anniversary. Therefore, we have kept a low profile even internally about this exceptional vehicle,” explains Daniel Henriksson, Sales Engineer for construction vehicles at Scania.

To cope with the weight of the 7-section boom, a 7-axle chassis was required. This was built at one of Scania’s chassi lines in Sweden and complemented by Laxå Special Vehicles, with their long tradition of building custom cabs and chassis for Scania. The 15.5-metre chassis, with a 620 hp V8-engine, is probably the longest ever built by Scania. Altogether this very special vehicle is 18.5 metres long. An exceptional feature is the fact that the pump structure is mounted on a “normal” truck chassis, not on a special vehicle, which means that it complies with the maximum dimensions and footprints imposed for road transport.

The complicated superstructure was developed by Zoomlion and Italian construction equipment maker Cifa.


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