Taskers ‘tatoes

MW Tasker in Tandem

Full time HC Wilson subbie MW Tasker has always been a quietly proud man of his small but smart V8 fleet. He has never been the real king of bling, he is often called it in mid-Suffolk, but a coat of black paint and some ally wheels hardly makes him king of bling really does it. Tasker has never really been into in your face customising and if you had been witness to the many chats we had about his new pride and joy Scania R560, you’d realise that he is in fact a big fan of subtlety. The new R560 is in a Scania grey that is virtually the same colour as the plastics on the truck, it also has some of those tribal type stickers on each side. You may struggle to see them as they are in black instead of the silver that Scania give as the other option, why? because it’s less in your face. The truck has all the gadgets and gizmo’s you can think of, but on the outside…….Even the wheels on the new V8 were a talking point. The wheels are still the standard steel ones, i’m guessing the reason for this is because Mr T can’t decide whether to stick his trade mark shiny allys on or to have a set of allys painted in black and grey. In my opinion on this particular truck I think either would suit well. The general fashion in Europe does seem to be for the painted option. The one thing Tasker has always encouraged with his trucks is the grummmble of the V8, the new one being no different. One exhaust each side at the bottom of the side skirts, one through the standard exhaust system which does have a good note to it, the other side is nothing short of a roaring lion! Flick the dash mounted switch and you hear the butterfly valve clang across and then its just a straight exit from the engine out to the ovalish exit. They do say the sound of a Scania V8 varies all down to the shape of the exit of the pipe…?? You know what I always thought would be worth trying is having a bowl type thingy at the bottom of a stack. So based on a normal shape of a set of stacks, you have the pipe come out from the engine, then when it turns up the back of the cab, rather than just bend the pipe and have it all the same diameter, how bout on the bend, put a ball / bowl shape? I think this would add to the deep burbling sound as it will have a chamber to resignate around before heading up the exit pipe. Well that’s just my idea, you probably have no idea what i’m trying to describe!

MW Tasker in Tandem

As you can see below Tasker still has his original 4 Series Scania that he has also had from new. She may be ageing nicely but she is still working as hard as she ever has. Now with her long time pilot, the one and only Colin Waters. Although both trucks are pictured here with 3 axle Nooteboom lowloaders, the loads they are carrying are no cause for panic with the big V8’s. The potatoe harvesters are more abnormal due to their over width and height, the weight is less than the trailers they are are riding on. These photos were taken by Mike Tasker in Holland on their way to Rotterdam from Germany for a ferry to the UK. Hence the need for the low loaders to keep the height down to allow for easier transit through Europe. Which ever you prefer you can’t deny that subtle is smart and can be just as effective as all the lights and whistles you can find in your nearest truck accessories dealer!…My final question is will the new Scania last as well as its senior? I mean the older has far less sensors and computer stuff on, will the younger make it through 12 (or more) hard years labour pulling abnormal loads all over the Continent?? Your views will be appreciated so leave your comments below. I’m sure MWT is hoping his subtle R560 lasts him just as well as the old 144, perhaps even seeing him to his retirement….. 😉

MW Tasker in Tandem

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