Take The Long Way Home

Bands Transport, Louisianna, USA.

In response to the last blog on Marshy doing along trip in a short space of time, the very next day I got an email from Trucker Bob of Louisiana, USA. The land of long straight endless roads, ideal for long distances in short spaces of time. Trucker Bob hails from Winsboro, Louisiana and emailed to tell me of a regular job he had for his trucks a few years ago. For those of you who dont know your American states, I will be using the wonderful Google Maps link to show you the rough route across the US.

Bands Transport, Louisianna, USA.

Trucker Bob used to run a few Freightliner trucks under the name of BandS Transport. He used to have a regular long distance 7 day run that he used to complete. Bob is proud to say after 9 years of doing the run, he had no log book problems with the law. Bob said this about the run;

“We were very lucky to have a super account which was a dedicated run from Winnsboro, Louisiana to Boise, Idaho then back to New Orleans and home to Winnsboro, Louisiana. Around 4300 miles round trip. We had to make the turn around in 7 days, averaging 625 miles a day or 1000 Km, as a solo driver. Legalish is a
great term you used …. In the event of bad weather or special conditions we could get extra time. In the US most states allow trucks to run 70 mph and out west we can run 75 mph (120 km per hour) and I am sure my driver pushed that. We hauled rolled paper up and onions back. Sometime in the winter up north we would put a propane bottle
and a burner for heat then down south open up the vents to cool the
onions (and dry them if the trailer sweated).”

Now in my book that sure is good enough for the short long trip pile! I think even Marshy would struggle to keep up with that. Have a look at the map below to see where Trucker Bob and his Freightliners used to haul ass!!

Finally BandS trailers always had the slogan; “Take the long way home” on the rear doors. Bob says; “I always thought I was headed home when I left the yard.” A good philosophy I think, surely once your trip has started your ultimate goal is to get home again. I like it.

Bands Transport, Louisianna, USA.


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