Ford Cargo is a Turkish Delight

Jay Grants Ford Cargo

Following on from my post the other week of an undercover Turkish Ford Cargo, I have had an email from Jay Grant, a driver of one of only 3 of these Ford Cargo’s in the UK. This photo was taken in La Jonquera, Spain, so Jay does get around a bit, but what does he do?? “Ford Motor Company” written on the front and an “FMC” number plate may be a clue or 2. Jay said in his first email;

“There are 3 in the UK, 2 x 2005’s and a 06…the 05s are artics and pull covered transporters and the 06 is wagon and drag transporter…the 05’s are going shortly as we have 2 new ones in Turkey awaiting collection….I work for Ford public affairs UK hence the Cargos.”

Naturally I wanted to know more about what his work involved, Public Affairs could be anything. Here’s what Jay said (I could put it into my own words but there really is no point!);

“Our work is really quite varied and not always all that glamorous lol…while we do move things like the concept and show cars about much of the time we only move support cars, these are often just Mondeo’s or Galaxy’s just for the crew to use to get about…last week I took 2 Torneo mini buses to Cologne…its a completely different way of working too, the emphasis is on getting it right with no damage even if it takes longer, and trust me if I’m loaded I drive like an old man…

We do a fair bit of publicity work too, a few weeks ago one of my colleagues took Katy B (I don’t know – Admin!) to a Sony event in Battersea power station in our XXL Torneo – this is a stretched Transit with full leather, dvd screen for every seat and is about 30ft long…I’ll have to get permission to send u a couple of pics….”

The stretched Transit sounds like fun! Hopefully Jay will grace us with some more photos. It’d be good to see these Turkish delights on their travels around Europe. Perhaps Jay will be flown out to Turkey to pick up his new truck from the factory?? That would be  photo fest!! I think Jay is looking forward to his new Cargo;

I’m not too sure yet which cab were getting but am hoping its the one in your photo (earlier blog post HERE), this is taller than the old and looks wider too…ours being a narrow cab design…I know they are moving from a 7 litre to 9 litre engine so should be a big improvement…”

Keep us posted Jay. I wonder if Ford would let Jay stick one of the new truckblog stickers some where on his truck?? I doubt it. If you see these few Ford Cargo’s in the UK, then email me; ………….. in fact I may have to email myself!

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