Princess & The Giant

HC Wilson - Exel London Boat Move Dec 2011

A Princess 32M and HC Wilsons European Giant that is! No delightful Christmas based fairy tale here, just a few Million GBP of top engineering. The Princess in our tale is The Princess 32M Luxury Cruising Yacht  and the Giant is HC Wilson, European Giant, a V8 Scania 164 580hp. A good match perhaps, although the price difference between the 2 vehicles is fairly substantial. The fairy god mother marrying the two together is a monster Ainscough crane sat on the banks of the River Thames.

The Princess arrived at Excel London the last weekend before Christmas. The job was arranged by boat transportation specialist Abbey Transport from Norwich. Abbey and Wilson’s have always had a good working relationship, and as Abbey dont have a trailer large enough to carry the Princess, they use HC Wilson. Last year Wilson’s were only involved in removing the boat from the show hall back to the banks of the Thames, as the haulier who took the boat into the hall managed to have a little “incident” on the way in through the door. When the boat in question is 32m Long, 7.5m wide, 10.5m high and weighs in excess of 105 tons, a specialist truck and driver team are required; Que the Abbey and HC Wilson Transport combination.

HC Wilson - Exel London Boat Move Dec 2011

The boat arrived in London in time to have the rest of it’s display built around it in time for the London Boat Show that starts at the Excel London on the 6th January 2012 and runs right through to the 15th January. First up, the 9 (I think) axle Ainscough crane lifts the Princess 32 clear out of the Thames and the then gently slews round to find the stillages that are already attached to  HC Wilson 12 axle Scheuerle trailer. You can see the blue stillages clearly in the photo above. The boat is lowered into the stillages and thats where it will stay untill it is lifted back out into the Thames at the end of January. Once loaded onto the Wilson’s trailer it is only a short, although slow, drive across the Excel carparks to the the show hall. The total loaded drive is approx 200 yards.

HC Wilson - Exel London Boat Move Dec 2011

The Princess 32 is a proper high class motor yacht, you just have to see the photo gallery on the Princess website to know what I mean. The boat will set you back some where between £6-£8 Million, depending on your spec of course. I think some one said at the 2011 show Princess sold 8 of these 32 metre super yachts, but don’t quote me! I am also informed by Mick Bond, the photographer and Wilson’s 2nd Man, that at full power the boat will use a 1000 litres of fuel an hour, that puts the big Scania V8 to shame! For now I will leave you with the rear view of the loaded truck, until the return leg back to the Thames at the end of January. The Scheuerle trailer is 2.75m wide so the full 7.5m width of the boat looks huge, in fact the whole boat looks huge, it really does look like a fish out of water doesn’t it. I have to say I think I prefer the blue paint scheme over the completely white boat we did in January.

HC Wilson - Exel London Boat Move Dec 2011

Just so you don’t think i’m biased in any way, here is Abbey Tranport’s DAF being loaded with a slightly smaller boat.

Abbey Transport - Exel London Boat Move Dec 2011

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