Snow Time for Messing About

Now the winter is with us, a quick stark reminder to all of you on the road, PLEASE BE CAREFULL! We can all think we have been there and done that when it comes to snow and ice on the roads, but it’s no reason to be complacent. Remember it can still catch you out, as this Freightline Europe driver found out, reportedly without any injury.

Before & After.....Driver was ok

This came up on Facebook the other weekend. The little report underneath said the driver was unhurt, but the truck, as you can see wasn’t. As for the drawbar trailer, it was left just as a chassis. The accident happened late one night in Norway. The Dutch registered Scania was loaded with drinks and lost control on a bend. By my reckoning the truck may have only fallen on one side then onto the roof, as the cab doesn’t look too badly damaged, but I may well be wrong. Whether your in Norway, Spain or Bulgaria, just remember it can happen to the best of us, slow or fast ice and snow is still slippery! Here is a photo of the Scania in all its glory, before it’s roll in the snow. Picture is from Freightline Europe’s website, which is worth a look even if it’s just for the Gallery pages.

Before & After.....Driver was ok

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