Stainless Swedish Super – Svetsab Style

For Sale..... Scania R 730 War Machine

Sometimes you see a truck and you can’t quite find the right word to describe it. I think that it’s the right time to use the phrase ” A picture tells 1000 words.” I was once again looking through the internet, or you could call it browsing, when I came across a very smart Scania. After a bit of detective work, I got myself onto the website of Swedish company, Svetsab. They are manufacturers of top quality truck accessories and bespoke makers of anything stainless for any make of truck. You can browse through the galleries of trucks that have already been given the treatment, or you could go to the page where there are 2 of the best looking custom trucks i’ve seen for sale!! Whhaaatttttt?????? I hear you cry, yes 2 top custom trucks for sale. The 1st is this Scania R730 4×2 Topline, called; War Machine.

For Sale..... Scania R 730 War Machine

For Sale..... Scania R 730 War Machine

For Sale..... Scania R 730 War Machine

I was so impressed by this War Machine I felt it was my duty, on your behalf of course, to find out a little more and emailed Svetsab to see what it’s all about. A good old boy by the name of Peter, came straight back to me, with a full set of photos and a spec list as long as your arm, of what the truck has had done to it……Even now i’m finding myself just gawping at the pics of the War Machine. I’m not even sure i’m that taken by the Robot Man on the side, but I don’t think I care, just look at it!! Seriously, Iknow which of the below i’d be choosing!!

For Sale..... Scania R 730 War Machine

May be I will buy another Lottery ticket this week, afterall you’ve got to be in it to win it and all that. I guess I can’t go any further with out sharing  the extensive spec list, but before we start, get a towel to wipe away your dribble. Here we go;

Wheelbase 3700mm
– High gloss polished stainless steel fuel tank 1070 liters.
– High gloss polished stainless battery and tool box, electric-powered telescopes on the rails. open and close by remote control and the control button in the cabin.
– High gloss polished stainless steel exhaust pipe with stainless steel construction, stainless V8 rear on the cabin.
– Clutch plate for electricity and air made of carbon fiber.
– High gloss polished stainless steel rear light.
– Stainless steel bright bars are painted and mounted diodes.
– Interior in side the cabin is black suede and dark gray skin, V8, stainless and diodes.
– Cabin, chassis, catwalk, painted black and the image of Iron Man, matte varnish.
– The exhaust damper of course…and hear the roaring 730 horsepower.
All emission passes through the stainless steel pipes behind the cabin,
no emissions under the truck.
– The chassis is fully equipped.

For Sale..... Scania R 730 War Machine
For Sale..... Scania R 730 War MachineFor Sale..... Scania R 730 War Machine
For Sale..... Scania R 730 War Machine

There really are too many photo’s to put on here, so to see what you haven’t seen, then click HERE to go to my photo page or click one of the links to go directly to SVETSAB’s website. Wisely I didn’t ask Peter how much War Machine is up for sale for, but I reckon most of you would buy it, with out even viewing it! Even in the dark, it look’s wicked!!

For Sale..... Scania R 730 War Machine
For Sale..... Scania R 730 War Machine

If by some miracle your still not convinced, click HERE to see a video of the truck roaring about the country lanes of Sweden. If you want to know more or are genuinely interested, NO tyre kickers, please contact Peter at Svetsab and he will help you out. Or you can email me, and I will see if I can help you out. Just don’t dispear as Svetsab also have El Torro Dragaren for sale too. Top truck work Peter.

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