Activ Spotting by You Lot

Everyone thinks it’s me thats keen on the little German fleet of Activ Cars Spezial Transporte from Bremen. Well that is quite true, I am. Mrs Truckblog quite simply say’s the reason I like them is because they are little big trucks. Which, when you think about it, is pretty spot on.  As I have harped on about Activ month after month, my plan has finally started to work, you are beginning to email me with your own spots of the Silver Mercedes Benz fleet.

First up is one of my work colleagues at HC Wilson, Matt Lamb spotted this one in Germany last week, some where between Osnabruck and Bremen. Bremen being Activ’s base.

Activ Rear!

Activ Rear!

Activ Rear!

Zoomed in you can see the tractor is a Mercedes Benz Atego with what i’m guessing is an 11 or 13 metre long Berger trailer. Yes I was a little disappointed that there was no cab shot, but Matt did’t get the chance, so i’ll be happy in the knowledge that he is on the case and busy spotting! If you see and Activ Cars why not email me with your pics;

Next up is driver Robert Davey, he emailed me some pics of a Mercedes Benz Vario. Robert was un-impressed with his own photographic skills, but I got him to email them over. Robert says; “They were all taken from my cab, in the queue at Killingholme (quayside) on the 30th of September this year.”

AirBus Merc by Robert Davey (3)

Activ Cars - Mercedes Vario Mini Artic

Activ Cars - Mercedes Vario Mini Artic

I often wonder what the inside of the Vario sleeper cab is like. I have seen the inside of of the newer Sprinter sleeper cabs, so I guess they are like that, probably with a slightly wider bunk. Speaking of the bunk, I do hope the drivers remember to keep the rear doors of their cabs locked, to avoid any nasty bunk falling out the door incidents! Top spotting my Activ friends, keep at it and keep emailing……

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