Acitoinox Italian Made Truck Accessories

As you know I dont advertise or endorse anything inparticular, what ever takes my fancy really. Due to the beauty of Facebook (not really!) I came across this lot. I have no idea how but they appeared on my Facebook, so I had a look through and soon realised they are responsible for a lot of those crazy Italian trucks and their stainless steel accessories. I made friends with them, as you do. This led me to the Acitoinox website and me wasting a good hour or two (much to the wifes horror) looking through the amazing lists of accessories for all the major manufacturers. You can buy a piece of stainless steel for just about every part and position on your truck. Take a look at this R730 V8 Scania, that has clearly been given the Italian treatment, I suppose you could say its had an Italian job (ha ha i made a joke!).

Acitoinox Absolute R730 V8

All the accessories on one truck together I have to say is too much for my taste but you have to admit the trucks are just amazing, have a look through the Gallery page. I would be keen on buying a few bits and bobs, but if you feel inclined then go to the Catalogue page, select your truck and get browsing. There are 10 pages of just Scania bits, so you will have your will power put to the limi and your wallet for that matter!

One thing I do love about this truck and what sets off all the stainless is the gorgeous matt black paint work, genius! Not only is there a range of ready made accessories, but you can also have bespoke one of stuff made up, although i’m not sure where else you could put some stainless that the team at Acitoinox haven’t already thought of. Look closley at this rear view of the “Absolute” truck…………

Acitoinox Absolute R730 V8 (3)

……..yes you are seeing correctly the V8 logo has got pipes coming out of it. Now that is Italian styling and ingenuity at its best!! Not sure how practical it is but thats just me being English! You are also right, the side fairings on the air kit have also been cut out a little to make way for the pipes. I do wonder if all pipes are exhaust or for show, but seeing as it is Italian they must be using all 8 pipes to fire out the V8 tunes, it must sound pretty amazing and loud, especially if your standing on the kerb in the bus queue when it comes burbling past. I think i’ll have to get the bus next time!! As I said i’m not a fan of all the bits on my own truck but you do have to admire the Italian’s, they certainly stand out from the crowd. You always notice an Italian truck on the road. Paint jobs, stainless steel what more can you want?? Oh yea a V8 730hp Scania (in Matt Black). A trip to an Italian truck is in order I think…….

Acitoinox Absolute R730 V8 (2)

Just for info these pictures are all copyright to Acitoinox.

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