Is This a Crime??

This old girl is going for export. How can this be? This is one of the unsung hero trucks of British haulage, surely we shouldn’t be letting these go for export?? I actually feel like buying her up myself (even though i don’t have the money) just to save her from the export quay. This truck has only done some thing like 17,000 miles in her long and surely important career. An old truck like this could probably tell you a story or two about the “good old days” or give you a great ” i remember when….” anecdote. I think this is a Scammell Crusader, 6×4 tank transporter at a guess, it has a fair monster winch mounted on the back of the cab. Note the twin air intakes on the roof as well. I will definitely be out in the yard on Monday for a closer perv of this old girl, i might treat you to a couple more pictures and i  might even start her up!
Sadly Being Exported
Just look at her, we should start a campaign, perhaps all you truck bloggers need to gang up and we’ll go and blockade the export quay’s of the UK so we can’t loose any more! I’m sure the countries they go to are in need of such a truck and it’s nice that they can keep them going and obviously think that old girl will be strong and reliable, but i cant see them actually looking after her much and giving her the respect she deserves, i think I’m trying to say they just won’t understand the romance associated with a truck like this (GW & RF REF!) Any way good luck in your working retirement and keep up the good work, remember you are British Built!!
Sadly Being Exported

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