Mr Cameron Never Owned it!!

How about this for a golden oldie. Phil Ascroft of Ascroft Transport fame has had a truck filled life, man and boy. As a good hard working young lad, he used to pack his Hovis don his cloth cab and head off to Cameron’s yard to do all your yard boy type jobs. At one stage Cameron order 4 new Volvo F88’s, a splendid addition to any fleet. Problem being Volvo thought they would supply one in their new 1970’s special desert spec, for all those heading for the Middle East. The desert spec had windscreen guards, light guards, Air conditioning unit, catwalk tank on the chassis to feed the main tanks and i think they also had an in cab kitchenette. Any way Volvo supplied one of these spec motors instead of the standard as they wanted one in company colours to do some promo photographs. Which you would have thought would be fine, but Volvo then tried to charge Cameron for the additional spec. Cameron said no way was he going to pay for extra spec he hadn’t ordered so, this truck was repainted and eventually sold onto an owner driver. So although it was painted in Cameron’s livery it was never one of his trucks. Nice little story that one, thanks Phil. If you have any thing to add please leave a comment below or email me,
F88 Stewart Cameron Dessert Spec

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