Naming Ceremony

The 1st of  Wilsons new R480 Scania’s is nearly ready for the road. One of the last and obviously most important jobs is left to do is the name. Graham Wilson has a short list of 4 names but is unsure which one to go for. All Wilson truck names start with “European …….”
This is the shortlist;
– European Sovereign
– European Star
– European Centurion
– European General
Do you have a preference?? Leave your comments below (rude ones not appreciated!)
HCW New Truck Lights

4 thoughts on “Naming Ceremony

  1. Warrior, ambassador, knight, prince, princess, royal, president? Probably some been done before. Forgive my ignorance if they have! Been hearing too much royal wedding bollocks by the sounds of things! just a few ideas though? By the way how much do you need for your roof racks and ladders? I put an ad in heritage comms out this week and have a fair amount of interest in various bits of stuff – mostly parts to be fair. Got a bloke coming in the morning for a sunvisor and gbox. By the way just bear us in mind for any escort work. Not just got vans in the north west. We have vans based in the midlands too and are all over the country all the time working as well. Also just put a yellow van on the road to Euro regs/legs. Sensible pricing and more so for regular work. Speak soon, best regards, John Makinson, GHM Group. Like the illuminated W on the front of the trucks by the way. Looks great.


  2. how about european endevour .. we have our trucks named after fishing boats sea harvest . dawn harvest .ocean harvest . golden harvest . although we still do a bit of work from some boats it isnt the main stay of our work now but that dont matter its good to keep the tradition going with a prefix …. what ever you choose am sure it will look great on scania ….


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