The Latest in Italian Truck Fashion

Our good friend the Roving Reporter has been hard at it again, sitting in the sun with a Peroni, truck spotting in the truck heaven that is Fontana Liri. Where?? i hear you cry, Fontana Liri, its a small village between Rome and Napoli. Fontana Liri is the birth place of Mrs Roving Reporter, hence the reason for sitting at a cafe with a beer.
Whilst sitting enjoying the Italian home brew, this amazing piece of Italian fashion appeared across the square, delivering groceries.
Italian Eurocargo
With all the flair of your typical Italian this little tilt has all the Italian style you could need. The rear doors with all the stickers and warnings of its transcontinental big brother.
Italian Eurocargo
Stainless steel tool box, water tank and tap and also a pair of straight through side pipes, which actually sounded surprisingly good!
Italian Eurocargo
Horse power stickers, air horns and an uprated front axle for all those stacked up veggies!
Italian Eurocargo
Stainless steel grill and enough guff on the dash to get a GV9!
Italian Eurocargo
Even after all that it is still a cracker! Only in Italy would so much love care and attention be lavished on an Iveco!

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