Mini Artics

Now you know i have a little affection for a mini artic, over the last few weeks and months a have been sent a few and found a few on the www. Not had many spots from my trusty spotters, although Steve Marsh saw an Activ Cars at Frechen last week but wasn’t quick enough with his camera, shocking! Any way in case you are like me here are a few for you to perv over.

Mini Merc
TGL Tractor

How about this one used by Bickers Actionfor filming those in car scenes you see on all you fave TV programmes. The car goes on the flat and the cameras go on the neck, then the truck drives about and makes it look as though the car being filmed is actually on the road.
another mini merc

And of course, who can forget the Tom-Car MAN. I wonder if its still for sale??
FW: TOM-CAR photos

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