Please be aware of the M6 Junction 21A – 23 Northbound and Southbound scheme.  The works start on Monday 8th November 2010 and are expected to finish on the 23rd February 2011 weather permitting. The works are for 24 hour major drainage works to the above location.

 Night time There will be a single lane of 3.3M only running in both directions.

Daytime – Narrow lanes as follows; Lane 1 at 3.3m, lane 2 at 3.3m and lane 3 at 3m.

The Traffic Safety Control Officers for the works are Night Time John McGowen on 07917171163 And Daytime  Dave Martin 07976266263 and they will advise you if your movement will be able to make a safe passage through the works and help with any other information you may require regarding the scheme.

Regular updates will be posted on the web page.

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