The Only Non Truck Post

As it was quite impressive, i thought i would post a quick couple of pictures of a ship! Not just any ship this was the launch of Stena Line’s newest ship, Britannica, sailing on the ever popular Harwich to Hoek route. We were invited down there as one of Stena’s regular freight customers. After speeches, fireworks, bottle smashing and a delicious 3 course lunch we explored the boat. Now i know why so many of our drivers are happy to get the Hoek boat over all the other North Sea routes. The new ship has space for 1200 passengers, is 240m long, has 538 cabins and has 5.5km of lane’s for vehicles and most importamtly a separate bar and restaurant for Truckers!!

Britannica Lauch 19.10.2010 003
Britannica Lauch 19.10.2010 008

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