Astran Tekno Model

It arrived yesterday! After many long days siting waiting at the door for the Posty to come a’knockin he finnally arrived yesterday. Upon opening i was greeted with huge white Wotsits that spilled across the desk! Excellentyly packaged. Once i opened the model box i found what can only be described as an excellent model. I am not a collector of Tekno models but i think if you were rich enough this model would make you start collecting. The attention to detail is amazing even down to the aerials for the cab roof. It really catches what the real truck was, although i was expecting to find a small bag of sand in the model box to add to the model along with the mirrors!! Astran i’m sure are dead chuffed with it as are the other 349 people who are now WHJ 194S owners. Mine is number 51 if any one is interested.

Astran Tekno Model

Astran Tekno Model

Astran Tekno Model

7 thoughts on “Astran Tekno Model

  1. In reply to Grahams post – To make it authentic and as original as possible, it had to be a 110, 111 or a 140 as Astran never ran any of its own 141’s. The 140’s were in a plain red/yellow livery and without signwriting. We decided the “prettiest” option was the 111


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