WARNING: Activ Pervert!

Gently wandering up the A12 this morning on my way to work when i came across an Activ Cars truck (No. 092) who’d obviously come off the boat in Harwich this morning. So i reached for my camera but i them remembered it ran out of battery yesterday, i should surely be stripped of my Truck Perv title!! So i tried a couple on the iphone – Rubbish. To redeem myself when i came off the A14 at Haughley i pleaded with my camera to take one last shot. As i was about to press the shutter the battery symbol flicked on and the camera flicked so i had no idea if it had worked, see the photo in question below.

Activ Cars 16.09.2010.jpg

Activ Cars A14 West 16/09/10

Activ Cars A14 West 16/09/10

If you see any Activ Cars take a picture and send it to me at ben@truckblog.co.uk

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