East Coast Truckers Convoy 2010

This year the East Coast Truckers Convoy had its 25th Anniversary. Every year a group of truckers and there vehicles gather and transport special needs children from Norwich to Pleasure Wood Hills Theme Park, then onto Gt Yarmouth sea front all in the name of charity. This year the convoy totalled an amazing 101 trucks. If you can help out with next year or just want to take part please contact the East Coast Truckers on there website, they always need Marshall’s to help out when they get to Gt Yarmouth. Keep up the charity work, at least some people are keen to promote the goodness of our industry!!
Watch the Video here if video doesn’t appear when yuo click “Read More”

3 thoughts on “East Coast Truckers Convoy 2010

  1. i was in truck no. 7 ian was my driver for the day, with terry as drivers mate. my mum came too. we had a fantastic day. there was a very large number of supporters on the road side every where on route. i would like to thank everyone for a perfect day, except the weather of course, we all got soaked.

    thank you very much for leting me on the convoy had such a fun day out with ian and terry.
    and thank you very much for letting have your truck pearn wyatt & son.


  2. I was in truck no. 5 with daddy and Terry was my driver. We had a fantastic day and it was lovely to see so many people lining the roads to support us. I feel really lucky to have had the chance to do this and want to say a big thank you to everyone who made it such a special day.


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