MAN of Many Talents

After having a scout through the old photo archive yesterday i came across this little gem. Back in the good old days when i was tramping the Country keeping our citizens going by delivering many a varied load of stuff i took this some where in the Leeds area. First drop was the BAR Cargolifts, to some where just off the M62 in the Leeds area (i’m ashamed i can’t remember where though!). Next drop was the rear pallet of boxes containing a sunbed from Cyrano Leisure in Braintree and delivered to Warrington. Then 3rd Drop late in the afternoon was the front pallet with yet another Urgent sun bed for Larkhall up in sunny Scotland. Great Days. It always amazed me that of all the cargoes we all carry that one of the most urgent ones is Sunbeds! They couldn’t wait, it was same day delivery if possible at worst next day. On the other hand if only i could share with you some of the people i met in the Tanning Salons of the UK or some of the staff…………..Crikey! Snap out of it i won’t get to sleep thinking about them…. those….

V413 KPU

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