Update on My old Actros

After posting the pics of me picking the Actros up from the dealership, i was sent this picture from George Ward. Taken fairly recently in Ireland and still pulling for McCulla. I had had reports she was pulling a fridge as she has overtaken various friends of mine, so she is obviously running on paddy power these days. Would be nice to see here myself. Still looks smart and is obviously being looked after. Any more photos of her then please email them to truckblog@hotmail.co.uk

If for any strange reason you, as a truck perv, want to see the other trucks i’ve owned then click here.

4 thoughts on “Update on My old Actros

  1. Well, I must be a truck perv (though I kind of knew that anyway) because I clicked straight on the link to look at other pics. What ever happened to the 3 series pictured? Have whiled away a few hours thinking about restoring a 3 series Streamliner, in particular a Centurion, maybe one day!

    I am correct in thinking the 141 is up for sale? Could a new project be in the making?

    Keep the great pics coming!


    • The 2 series went to the exporters i’m afraid. Yea the 141 is up for sale although i cant sell the bloomin thing for what its worth, every one wants it for free! I think i would get a 143 Streamliner too, but some thing already half decent so i havnt got the cost/hassle of restoring it to much!
      keeping emailing the pictures!!


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