SPOTTED! Astran in Colchester

Astran Colchester 21.12.09

Originally uploaded by benners10

There was me fuming as i got nearly all the way to the hospital last night before i realised i had forgot the bag of bits the wife had asked me to remember! Any way i came down the slip road for the second time and i saw in my mirror some thing that had that look of some thing a little different. I hung back as a sado truck spotter type would, and as he came passed the red and yellow trailer gave it away, then the stickers on the back gave it away. It did look smart so i pulled out behind and followed him into Colchester and all the way up to the hospital, he carried on to Boxted and i turned into the H A&E. I was thinking how different the M/E trucks are compared to the old days. I came to the conclusion that really there isn’t a great difference at all. They are still in general Top of the range trucks, Super space cabs, XL Globetrotters, V8 Scania’s unless they are sellers. The trailers are still well equiped with tool boxes, beer kegs with water in (really) and other side lockers. Some trucks still have arabic writing and stickers. But all in all they still have that look, you know what i mean. My only thought was, i think the old 70’s trucks would be able to cope with the tarmac roads that run all the way across the desert, but i’m not so confident todays trucks with all their computers would be able to cope with running across the desert sands each trip like 141’s and F89’s did.

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