Mini MAN

Yea another Tonka toy, but thi time in the true form of its big brother. This little artic pulls mobile coffee bars around Switzerland for shows and events. The Swiss have always been sufficticated, we still use the back of an ex BT transit to buy our coffee from here in the UK, nothing wrong with it either! Cracking Truck 10 out of 10. I always think it’d be cool to buy a mini artic like this but make it look like a big truck, with bigger tanks a suitably scaled trailer etc etc, but obviously no one will as it’d make it to heavy and kind of defeat the object of buying a light mini artic. Perhaps that an idea for the lottery win list.

1 thought on “Mini MAN

  1. brings a new meaning to the question “does the truck come with a coffee machine a standard ”
    but hey its some out fit would love it my self .
    very smart ,looks like the full size truck , damn i have to get one 🙂


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