Wilson Wednesday Lite


I only just realised that this didn’t publish last night! So a slightly delayed WW this time.

Above we have part time HC Wilson office staff James Cartwright out and about and Sheffield bound for a busy day. A loaded flat rack that as you can see isn’t too big but the Anvil weighs in at a hefty 33 tons. After tipping the flat rack was removed and the James went to load one of a number of pieces that are all destined for Antwerp. SW02 HCW is Wilsons spare 8×4 Scania tractor unit. Plated to 150 tons it’s a handy piece of kit to have as a spare.


The pieces being loaded to Antwerp are all over 4 metres wide and weigh over 30 tons each, so the extra axles help spread the weight. Below we also have R90 HCW a 6×4 Scania loaded with a similar piece. This photo is sent by Wilsons own escort driver Sully.


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