Gathering of The Griffin 2013 is Here

GOTG 2013

This weekend will see the 2nd running of The Gathering of The Griffin show at the Orwell Truckstop at Ipswich.  A bit of a one-off type of show as all the entered trucks are Scania, its a Scania only show (as i’m sure you’ve all worked out!). The organisers started the quest this year hoping for a few more trucks than the first show last year. So anything over 40 trucks would have done. I said we can make 100 trucks as it turns out I think if space had allowed at the venue, we could have ended up with nearer 200 trucks!! As it stands there are 118 confirmed entries, so if you have entered please please make sure you turn up.

Retro Truck Show 2013 (19)

The man behind the show, Rob Bilman, is over the moon with the interest and the amount of entries. I have been lucky enough to see the list of entries and it is really rather impressive. Sadly only one “0” series will be present, but there are plenty of “1”, “2”, “3”, “4” and R series. A few familiar trucks and loads of not so familiar, plenty to look at and enjoy whether you are a Scania fan or just a truck fan in general.

Truckfest Peterborough 2012

This is the basic set up for the weekend:

Trades Stands
Speedbird Promotions, Truckmax, Bailey Truckparts, CDC, Autosmart and Truckeast / Scania.

Truck Arrivals
Some expected Friday or 9am Saturday till 18.30hrs

Saturday Evening
Organisers opening address 19.30, in the bar. Just a hello, few thank you’s, outline of Sundays events. 20.00. Lighting up time!!!! ideal for photos. We have arranged for a 17metre cherry picker, let’s get up high for some aerial shots!!! 🙂

More truck arrivals from 7.30am All trucks and trades should be on site by 9am. Official opening at 9am. No ceremony, just go with the flow. The boys from Felixstowe radio, fresh gold providing entertainment, some live singers, chit-chat with exhibitors and visitors.

1400-1500. Judging results and presentations. Everyone one is a winner with this show!! Thank you’s.

Convoy Debrief
Trucks may start moving after 16.00, truck convoy depart 16.30. Some may return to site after the run thru to Copdock Interchange.

Retro Truck Show 2013 (7)

I’m judging the Best 3 Series class so I hope to see you all there on Sunday. It’ll be a good day and a unique chance to see so many Scania’s all together in one place, the convoy at the end should be equally as impressive. Come along, bring the family, bring the camera and hopefully leave the umbrella in the car!!

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