Hella of a Bright Idea

Hella Addlight

Doing the blog (when I can these days!) I make contact with all types of people, but in general they are all related in some way to trucks and trucking….apart from the President of Bakino Fasso who, as it goes he wants me to email him so he can donate $17,500,000 to the blog, all I’ve got to do is give him my details!! I digress. In this instance I heard from Phil Robinson, Business Development Manager for Hella Ltd in Central England no less. The current fashion in trucks seems to be the addition of at least 4 spotlights to the front end. Now it must kill the truck manufacturers to see that years of research for their trucks aerodynamics is just cast aside in favour of some spotlights, which in turn must make the likes of Phil Robinson, rub his hands together! As regular blog star, Steve Marsh, once said “I rate Hella lights. I Had 2 Hella Spots on my old truck and the only problem in 6 years was a relay. Now on my 3rd set of non-Hella spots in 7 years on the current wagon!” I think that says it all.


Hella have now made their own Phone App to help you get some idea what your truck may look like with the addition of some spots. Here is the official Hella blurb;

“The HELLA ADDLIGHT APP is a simulation and presentation application for your
Smartphone and Tablet. Playfully and interactively experience your vehicle
equipped with HELLA’s auxiliary lights in a 360-degree view that is true to
detail. Functions;
Digital Headlight Assembly
Use the application’s navigation feature to select and interactively install the
auxiliary lights on either pre-adjusted passenger cars, commercial vehicles or
on a vehicle you have photographed. Choose specific auxiliary lights from our
model series. The customised position light and the colour fidelity of the LED,
halogen and xenon headlights, when they are switched on, virtually recreate
reality. The integration of social networks including an e-mail feature makes it possible to share your individual combination of vehicle and auxiliary lights with
360-Degree Product View
The 360-degree view features 3-dimensional views of our products. In addition to
comprehensive technical data and product drawings, users also have the option of simulating the lighting conditions for LED, xenon and halogen lights on a
stretch of road using an innovative illumination comparison.
Detailed information about a specific product range is available in the on-line
HELLA LightShow Catalogue.”

Basically you can upload a photo of your truck to the App, then you can select top or bottom bar, then you get to try all the spotlights in the Hella catalogue until you find the ones you like. You can also choose from 2 or 4 spots on your bar and you can even turn the lights on or off. It’s a good way to get an idea of what you like and what the truck looks like before you spend the best part of £1000 on a bar and spots.

Hella Addlight

Hella Addlight

The picture below is a new Merc thats been done with the App, as you can see it does look pretty life like. Download it and have a bit of fun with it. You can click on the following links to download;

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hella.adlight
Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/addlight/id544244877?mt=8

Hello On-line Catalogue: http://www.hella.com/toc/en/18FEC9C111BA75B2B15E0C95D9B260DB.srv?view=VIndexFramesetJsp

Hella Addlight

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