Ozzie Kenny’s from Huppo in Dubbo

I’m Going to have to get a new brass plaque for the desk in my shed, saying; “Blog Forwarder”. I have been hoping for a while that you lot would start contributing your own blog content. Really I hoped you’d do this just to add a different view to what is shown on here. Bear in mind obviously I want the blog to be trucks, trucks, trucks and also as it’s amazingly read worldwide, it’s best you contribute truck stuff from your own part of the globe as really I can only add what goes on here in GB. Leading on from this I now have another Ozzie guest writer, more the merrier I say! Over to your new writer;


Kenworth K200's from down under

Hi Ben,

Joe Hupp from Dubbo, NSW, Australia here with my first contributions to your wonderful blog – sorry I’ve been so slow in getting these to you. I have included two photos of the latest iteration of Kenworth Australia’s very popular K-Series cabover, the K200, and a photo of the truck that came before it, the K108.

The black K200 is owned by F1 Logistics out of Mildura, Victoria, Australia (formerly GTS Freight Management). I did not catch the name of the owner of the white K200 while the third photo is of the model that came immediately before the K200, the K108. The photo of the K108 (the red one – Ben) was at the open day at Inland Truck Centre, the Kenworth dealer in Dubbo. The K200’s were photographed alongside the Newell Highway, the main North-South transport route through the heart of NSW. The key difference between the K108 and the K200 is the height of the cab. The cab was raised to allow a bigger radiator (1850 square inches) and all the associated EGR and DPF equipment that goes with the enhnaced emissions control system on the Cummins engine.

Kenworth K200's from down under

Kenworth K200's from down under

Looking forward to contributing more of my photos to your wonderful blog… especially the vintage and classic trucks that opened Australia’s road transport industry up.



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