Tidy Men

This is my final piece of evidence for Tonka Toys being as smart as a big old 18 wheeler. I have a long been a fan on the Tonka’s as all you regular readers know and frankly are probably getting bored of it, but never mind i write this not you!! Having owned 3 of my own and also having owned an artic  i still have to say having a smart little rigid is better. Perhaps its because they are a rarer beast? Top quality smart artics are becoming increasingly popular so perhaps the sight of a smart little rigid is a nice change. I don’t know what I’m on about or why I’m trying to justify it. My name is Ben and I’m a Tonka-holic!!

First up is this cracking MAN from Sweden. Picture courtesy of Last Bils Foton, excellent website, full of quality Swedish porn (truck variety!).
Swedish MAN
Next up we have a nice plain but smart Dutch frigo. I’d be interested to know how noisy it is of a night out with that fridge motor right on the cab, surely got to be noisier than having the trailer mounted fridge??? Still nice little truck and probably works just as hard as its bigger counterparts.
Case proven i win.
Dutch Frigo

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