Activ Artic Atego’s

After the pictures Kindle 530 from sent me of the little Atego artic at Killingholme, click here, i thought i’d email Activ Cars to see if they wanted to send me any more pictures.
My new best mate at Activ, Malte Horneburg, sent me 3 pictures of what was in his yard on Friday morning, which you can see below. It turns out the trailer Kindle530 spotted was only an 11m trailer but the majority of Activ’s trailer’s are 13.6m long but still with a single axle. I can’t say i fancy one on a windy day though, how ever smart they are! Of course I’d happily drive one given the oppotunity.

Activ Cars
In the above picture note how long the weelbase of the furthest Atego is., or is it just a trick of the camera that it looks longer than the other truck??

Activ Cars

Activ Cars

I’m hoping to get a little more information about these to see what they actually carry, apart from airbus parts obviously!

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