Are you a Classic Scania Owner?

Do you or does some one you know own a 110, 140, 81, 111, 141, 112, 142?

I have been given some forms by the Scania museum in Sweden, to give them details of your restored truck. They like to keep records of know restored trucks, in case of special events or shows or any other reason they may require your truck in Sweden.

If you are an owner please send me an email and i’ll send you a form, which you can return to me and i’ll forward on to my contact at the museum.

I would like to list all known 0,1 or 2 series in the UK, no matter what condition, if you know of one any where what ever condition, send me a picture and some details, this also applies for Volvo F88-89 owners. I think it’d be usefull to have such a list it may be usefull for all owners if we knew where whats left is!! I might even start a classic Swedish owners club/list!! My email is

41 thoughts on “Are you a Classic Scania Owner?

  1. Marron and silver Scania 110 super.
    VGF 891M 1974 Green sun visor and dirt defeclors.
    added spots inside bumper ex M/E TRUCK 100 gall tanks x2

  2. i have just aquired with a friend a 1981 141 brought it in forli italy took it straight to the famous theo in athins for a cab job but need many parts roof rack ladders interior door panels steel sun viser 2 400 ltr tanks and brackets any ideas any one

    • I have brand new roof rack, with a wooden insert and a ladder you can buy. email me and i’ll send you some photos of what i have. They are perfect and i have them fitted to my own 141. Please also send a pic of your 141, i can stick it on the blog.

      • Hi John, Sorry no they are all sold out now. Best to trail the Dutch websites, there is a good Dutch one that I know sells parts but I can’t for the life of me remember what the address is!

  3. hi got a restored 142 1984 non intercooled,plse send a form through,
    and any info on clubs for the old scania,s

  4. hi we own and still work a 1985 142 intercooler registerred in the month of may she is a 4 by 2 .please send me any forms and information regarding clubs .regards steve

  5. Hello. We have the following;- 1985 Scania 142E 8×4 heavy haulage tractor( with torque convertor) In Pringle Heavy Haulage livery. 1976 LBT141 6X4 heavy haulage tractor in latter stages of full bare chassis up restoration (a rare model with independant tie rod rear suspension same as the Astran 140 6×4). 1981 LBS141 6X2 rear lift awaiting restoration.
    2x LBS 111’s one being a 6×2 rear lift tipper and one 4×2 with a wrecker body to be restored. And three bonneted 140’s in various states or disrepair but should make two good ones.
    We also have here a 1989 143E450 6×4 150t heavy haulage tractor a 1993 143E500 8X4 heavy haulage tractor with a torque convertor. Also a 143M500 4X2 on steel suspension
    with unbelievably a 65t STGO plate (for a 4X2) which is ex TK Gornall from Lancashire.
    We would consider selling some of the above as we have too mant projects ongoing.
    I would be a buyer of your roof rack and ladder if you haven’t already sold it. I would be interested to know what other parts you have. I am looking for steel mudwings for 141, front bumpers in good condition and eleven 11.00×20 split wheel rims for the same to do a 6X4. I also need to find someone who can offer new 11.00×20 tyres (not chinese or remoulds though).
    Please send me the forms to register for the museum. Feel free to call me any time.

    • John, it sounds like you have your own Scania museam! If you want to email me some pictures of your collection i will happily put them on the blog for all to see, – as for 1 series roof racks yes i still have some with left hand side ladders, email me about those if you are interested. Also are you interested in my 141???

  6. hi there i own a scania 142 4×2 and restoring just now also hav 2 f88 290 a 4×2 r reg and a 6×2 n reg and a f86 s reg as well

  7. hello
    i am french and i am passionned by the Scania !

    i have a Scania LB110 super of 1972
    a Scania LB 141 of 1978 , 760 000 kms
    a Scania R142 6×2 of 1984 , 800 000 kms
    a Scania T 142 h 4×2 of 1984 , 780 000 kms
    and a scania R143 450 topline of 1992 with 1 800 000 kms !!!

    Good Bye

  8. I have a Scania LB 80 super daycab tractor unit 1973 m registered which I use for road runs & shows etc & I have a Scania LB 110 super daycab tractor unit which I am restoring.
    LB 80 reg POT 992M
    LB 110 reg LFD 552L
    If anyone has any info or photos of these I would be very grateful.

  9. hello there we have in our company a 142m 1985 intercooler whitch is still in use it is ex A S Taylor burton on trent saved from export back in 2001 its sort of a on going restoration in between jobs i have been told the 142 was new to Rocold interntional but would love photos and information the registration is B847 YNK . Also in our fleet we have a 143m registerd 1995 in use every on sub contract work to a local haulier 6 days a week she has never had a re build nor gearbox recon and is well on its way second time around the clock and still shows a good 6 bar oil pressure its just and is a fantastic advert for scania M871 SRM

  10. ye we have 2 classics well 2 true classics and a 164 classic now weather it will ever be a classic like the 142 and the 143 time will tell ….. but am sure you will agree scania is truely the best our companys first was a HHH 712N a 85 super six wheeler tag axle witch was driven by my uncle who said although it was not the fastest six wheeler on the flatt it more than made up for it on the hills and the first truck he had driven were you could hear the radio ha ha . the 85 came to an abrupt end while tipping lime into a spreader while backed up a ramp . will try my best to upload some photos of our 142 / 143 will see if i can find one of the 85 super too ……..any info regarding B847 YNK 142 4×2 would be appreciated phone me on 07899033826

  11. Hi, I am in New Zealand but we have a 74 LB80 super day cab in need of restoration. Any photo’s we can get hold of including original interior would be great. Also if anyone has cab panels or interior parts please let me know. Cheers Todd

  12. I have a scania 1972 scania 110 6×4 plated at 70 tons that i have been restoring for last eight years it had a recovery body on but i will put it back to tractor unit when i finish it, it will be painted in sunter bros colours i have now done cab and engine and gearbox, hoping to have her done next year, i am on look out for a front bumper the one with oblong headlights if any one has one what ever the condition

  13. What about 143 owners??

    i know of a VERY nice 143m 500 that is almost finished to what can only say is an AWESOME standard and dare i say it BETTER than when it left the factory


  14. I have a scania 141 year 1979, also a scania 142 year 1988, ans a scania year 1996 flat cab, and we are in the process the first 143 to come into N.Ireland
    Also we have just purchased a centurtian.

  15. trying to find 2 1980s scanias that my father drove could you help registration numbers are RGG 202 W and C 804 KYS both had malcolm campbell livery and were based in rutherglen glasgow scotland thanx davie

  16. Hi could anyone point me to a relevant web site, for the following truck, a 142H Scania V8, year of manufacture is 1982. What i’m after is a full wiring loom,
    Many thanks

  17. we have a scania 141 that has had the cab trimmed in carpet, i am trying to find some orginal pictures of similar aged scania interiors so i can try and find the correct door cards , cab and roof panels and the correct materials to cover them in

  18. Hi I have a 1983 scania 142e V8 6×4 on hub reductions in need of some tender love and care. The driveline engine and gearbox are in good working order but the cab has seen better days was wondering if any body knows where i could get a cab or parts as i am going to restore this truck to it former glory this winter if i can

  19. i have a brand new 112 /113 scania turbo in shed
    the labels tag an no still on it ID SELL OFFERS
    PART NO 3504412
    SERIAL NO 30/K/7

  20. Hi i have a 143 topline year 1990 that im doing up as i have done a 143 flat cab last year also my friend just baught a 143 topline year 1991 last week we are going to do up also.

  21. HI every one just woundering does any one know where i might find a t143 or mayb a nice 143 topline.any help
    thanks john

  22. Hi Ben and please Help.. I am a complete novice to this type of thing but have a 1989 143 360 hp 4 x 2 (I think!) which needs a little tidying up. Do you know where I might be able to source interior wall fabric and some interior plastic sections?

  23. Hi I have a 142h A reg 4×2 rigid , I am looking for any info on the history of this truck , reg no. A933 NVG last known to have some kind of pumping equipment built on the chassis

  24. Hi I’m wondering if anyone would be able to help me ( this is a long shot ). I’m looking for a Scania 110 reg GUL 590N. This is the truck that my dad drove to the Middle East in the 70’s and the reason why I became a truck driver myself. I would really love to find it as my dream is to restore it to how it was back when my dad drove it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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