Me? Doing some Mechanics??

It’s taken me longer than expected but that’s due to any reason you can think of, starting with actually buying said #gr814 during lockdown. After a little bit of a dance around getting parts, today was the day to get my hands dirty and actually do some mechanics myself. I am fairly practical and I have worked around trucks since I was a boy, but to date the biggest job I have done was replace a water pump on my old 141, although It had already been taken apart for me. Today everything was down to me to complete, under the guidance of one of the best in the business, Spencer Harwin. The list of jobs was pretty straight forward for any of you who regular have oily hands but for a pen pushing, blotter jotter like me, there was a lot to do. A new starter motor to be swapped, oil change, oil filter change, 2 of the 3 fuel filters to be changed, I was going to change the air filter too but after taking the old one out, it was like new, so it can stay as is. Five hours later and all was done.

The starter motor proved tricky, not a great start to the day. It’s was easy enough to get it lose and ready to remove, top tip was to remove the little heat shield on the manifold to give a little space. The difficulty comes in trying to physically remove it due to space constraints. An extra pair of hands helped at this stage (Thanks Roy) especially an experienced pair. One out and then one back in, putting the new one in was easier than getting the old out. I did manage to get a wire in the wrong place but easily changed and that was that. Next was the oil change. Again straight forward once Spencer removed the sump plug, the satisfying stream of oil drained out. The oil filter was removed with the removal of a 13mm nut.

The fuel filters were interesting as I had two new filters to go on, but on inspection we found found three filters in total. Two pre-filters and the main fuel filter. The first pre-filter was full on dirt from the fuel tank, so that was replaced entirely. The second pre-filter was as clean as a whistle, so as we didn’t have a second new one we left that as was. Finally the main fuel filter was removed and I also cleaned some dirt from the housing as there was a small build up of sludge in there.

All jobs done under the eagle eye of Spencer. Apparently I did well for a first timer, good to hear. In fact as I had been told, the 6 cylinder engine is relatively simple and now I know my way round it, it seems to have given me some piece of mind. We finished off by tightening the belts to get rid of the squealing, again a simple job when you know how. The final, final job was to remove the birds nest from the top of the washer bottle. All jobs done, a quick blast down the road and a good mornings work was complete. Next up will be a little bit of light cosmetic work, like the light board to go on the roof, which will involve relocating the CB aerial.

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