The Race to The Finnish Line – Day 5, 6 & 7 Part 1!

Day 5 and 6 are nothing special. Just waiting for the boat from Rostock to Hanko. The boat is a freighter so it’s a similar experience to spending a couple of nights in wormwood scrubs!

Day 7 (Where it gets interesting!)

Up at 0500 for breakfast and a shower ready to get off of the boat at 0600. The sat nav makes depressing reading straight away telling me it’s a 10.30 drive to the delivery and I was hoping to get the load tipped this afternoon so have a quick check of the maps and it appears to be taking me 60 miles around the house to get there so I input the new route and it becomes a 9.10 which I can live with as it usually knocks time off on route.

Everything is fairly easy going for most of the day pretty much like driving up to the Mont Blanc tunnel in the winter. It isn’t until the last 100 kms that the conditions begin to change and I start wondering what’s in store in 60 kms when I have to turn right off of the main drag.

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