Dick Snows Diary 27/02/1984

The Final Part……

Arrived at Border to a fairly long queue. Must try and do 8 hours if I am to be home tomorrow…………


My guess is Uncle Dick made it back which is why the last entry was rather short and there was no arrival entry.

I have to say I always enjoy reading Uncle Dicks diaries, over and over. I feel a luck man to have two of them, 1984 and 1968. The ’84 one is very different and perhaps suggests Dick was getting tired of the job. That said the detail and notes in both diaries is what I love, the phone numbers, the names and everything else. If you’ve all enjoyed this series I will find another complete trip, which there aren’t many, and do another series for you. Perhaps the 1968 diary next time. One of my favourite photos of Uncle Dick and AOO 68X, the truck most likely to have been driven during this trip.

6 thoughts on “Dick Snows Diary 27/02/1984

  1. Great to read Ben very interesting, think I was born a few years to late or I would have been on my way to follow these routes! Keep up the good work πŸ‘


  2. Love the story s. T bring back memmorie s to me.
    Tof you put them on the web.
    Because i yous to now him
    and nowing you a bit 😊to.
    If ever you make a book of it hope to bay 1 .

    Gr. Hans


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