Centurions – Stand up 

Having spent the day yesterday with Richard Payne and having more than in depth run through on the 100 trucks, we have filled in a lot of gaps. 

Now are you a current Centurion owner?? Or did you own a Centurion at some point?? If so please please please can you substantiate your claim with a truck photo and a photo showing the Centurion badge thank you. 

DJ Ponsonby had, K7 DJP a 113 360 Topline Streamline but even Mike Ponsonby can’t remember what number it was. Any proof any where??

JR Smith from Tring were rumoured to have a Centurion reg number JES 200. Any proof any where??

I will be publishing the updated list this week. Although there are still queries but not many. 

Who’s Centurion and what number is this one?? 


3 thoughts on “Centurions – Stand up 

  1. I know it’s a lot of work but
    Try Scania at miltonkeynes they might be able to get you a chassis list of the Centurians built ( mfrs are not generally v good at keeping details though!)
    But they cannot give you original owner (data protection act)
    If you then talk to a friendly Scania dealer parts dept they might give you some reg numbers to those
    You can then write to dvla and they cAn get you an owners history of a reg no
    Fee might be payAble and I don’t know about if you need the v5c doc ref no


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