Truckstar Festival 2014 by Jack Rigby

Truckstar Festival 2014, What an amazing show. It was mine and dads first time for visiting the show. What an atmosphere the show was, all of the people where there to have a good time, not just to show off their trucks, they were there to show off their speaker systems and to see who had the biggest swimming pool!!


In the main arena there was truck racing and motorbike stunts which made you cringe, but amazing how they did it. The trucks were outstanding, the amazing paint jobs and the inviting interiors were so mind blowing that you didn’t know how they came up with the ideas!!


The truck for me at the show was this Scania R520 highline, it just stood out, there was nothing shiny on the truck there was just a brilliant paint job and a new idea that know body else had thought of so it just stood out from the others (Agreed – TB).


Then the show ended 😟. So on Sunday afternoon we left to watch all of the trucks come out of show. We stood in the middle of the duel carriageway with two lanes of traffic coming by us to watch all of these trucks leaving for home. All the world (or so it seemed!) came out to watch with dec chairs and picnics, there was a coffee van and an ice cream van all out to see the leaving of these amazing trucks.

The Truckstar event i think is about having something different to anybody else, it is not about seeing how many light bars you can put on, it is about having something unique to you, something that you have thought of, like a special paint job, because you aren’t buying something off a shelf that somebody else has thought of and what somebody already has. The Hoogendoorn Scania below won the ultimate trophy, The Most Beautiful Truck in the Netherlands.


1 thought on “Truckstar Festival 2014 by Jack Rigby

  1. Was at Assen,enjoyed inner paddock the best,the Scandnavian operators trucks were unbelievable, mostly all workin trucks, the rates must be good them countries to afford to customize their trucks to those standards, walkin around the track was of puttin by noise of which outfit could create most noise,while the Dutch got drunk and dipped in pools and water slides


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