Italian Breakfast


While most normal people were having their breakfast this morning and reading the paper, I was doing what I usually do when I get a few quiet minutes…….searching Europe’s classifieds to see what’s for sale, just incase of a weekend lottery win. Most of the time I don’t find much so it doesn’t matter that my lottery numbers haven’t come in, although this mornings finds hardly warrant the need a lottery win.

There are various websites to hunt for your perfect truck. There are websites in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and many others but this morning the Italian site was just heaving with things to stop those burn holes appearing in your pockets. Usually £20,000 or €20,000 will buy you a nice half decent classic but in Italy it seems there is no demand for classic trucks. Starting with this gorgeous Scania 142. Looks very tidy up for €5,500. Perfectly summed up by the sellers advert text, simply translates too;

“Hello I sell beautiful tractor with 142 8cilindri few miles rubberized revised



For my next slice of toast I came across this very international looking Volvo F89. It even comes with a set of Trilex wheels, love ’em or hate them. Yours for €3,000.


Finally to wash down with a class of juice I found this delightful 10.5 metre trailer of 1969 vintage. As your probably beginning to work out, this is restored and is still oh so cheap at just €6,500. Bargain.


Are the Italians mad or is it that in Italy classic retro trucks just aren’t in demand?? perhaps the Italians have better hobbies and things to do with their spare time than messing about with old trucks, so they just don’t have any value. Even so I could get 2 gorgeous tractor units and a trailer to match them both for €15,000. That is crazy, but we all know about supply and demand so that’s the way it goes.

I know when my numbers do come up on the lottery I’ll be too busy drinking champagne for breakfast I won’t get the time to check the classifieds and I’ll miss these bargains, never mind, it’s good to dream!! Right I’m off to pick up the 142, drive over and collect the trailer then I can strip it down and put the Volvo on the back. Then it’s off, up and over the Alps and back to Blighty. One day.

The Italian website is:

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