Scania Centurions – The List


Back in 1991 Scania UK launched the Centurion range of 100 trucks in order to celebrate Scania’s centenary year. The 100 special edition trucks were available to all and came in what ever guise you required. Some were 4×2, some 6×2, some Toplines, some were flat front old shapes and some were the new Streamline cab. In my opinion if your going to do a special edition truck release then they should have all been top of the range 143 500’s. It wasn’t worth letting the purchaser choose what ever spec they liked as it meant a lot of Centurions were fleet spec motors, with an out dated cab. Again in my opinion they should all have been like the one ordered by Philip Henson, the founder of Patrick International. As you can see the above is perfect spec for a special edition purchase. It is a 143 500, Topline Streamline, 6×2 tag (oh what would we all do to be able to order one those right now!), looks like a right stunner sat there in the sun. It turns out Patrick bought #84 brand new and she was a tag axle Topline Streamline a stunning looking machine. If your going to spend out on a special edition, then you should spec it as a special edition, clearly something Mr Henson and I agree on. This is an exert from Commercial Motor magazine back in March 1991;

“Scania has released details of its limited edition centenary Streamline cab, announced last week in Commercial Motor. The high-spec Centurion will have its own livery and each vehicle will have a numbered badge. Accessories will include a reversing warning buzzer, headlamp wash wipe, underbumper spot lights, roof air horns, chrome wheel trims and a CD player. An electronic trip meter and external temperature gauge are also fitted as standard”



Centurions were available with various luxury options, such as a CD player as standard, special seat covers and also a nice shiny set of Alcoa alloys. Along with the exterior bits and bobs the purchasers were also given a framed certificate like the one above that Philip Henson received when he was handed the keys to K100 PTL. I’m still yet to be told how Patricks came about owning #15 J500 DSW, which was also a 143 500. J500 DSW was the first 500hp Centurion to be delivered. It was brand new to D&S Walker from Pickering and was originally painted up in pearlescent white and silver, only to be repainted into the distinctive white and blue that the Patrick trucks were all painted up in. Now this kind of leads me on to one of my more involved projects. I’m busy trying to complete a list of the 100 original trucks, with as much details and information that I can find. I was leaked a 75% completed list of the original sales list of the trucks but the list did miss a lot of different info, for example the list didn’t tell you the model or hp figures for each of the 100. I have put all the info I have and all that I am finding on the internet into a spread sheet that I hope you can all see.

Please click the link to see my list: Scania Centurion List

If you can help the cause then please email me; or why not Tweet me on Twitter; @truckbloguk

Ideally I need photo evidence of any number claims, spec details are required also with as much info as possible. Even current or past owner info would be handy, reg numbers or what ever else you know and can share. I know that at least 1 of the Ralph Davies trucks was exported to the Middle East as it was spotted by Nick Garlick. Lets try to find the whereabouts of as many as possible. Obviously some have been exported or even smashed up, but if we know the number then I can put it on the spreadsheet and try to complete as much as we can.

Thanks to Neil Henson for sending me the photos of his father Philip and allowing me to use them on’t  blog. Also it’s worth a look at the Commercial Motor Archive if you’re in need of some info from the past.


38 thoughts on “Scania Centurions – The List

  1. J88 SHH AND J44 SHH 143 450’s are these two different trucks or the same one with J44 being a private plate? I drove J88 for Peter Nickel in Devon back in 91/ 93. The reason i ask is that both trucks are identical in livery yet i thought J88 was unique, please advise if you know many thanks, Mick Griffin.


  2. Hello, I think I may be able to help make your list a bit more complete. My father had a haulage firm called ” L & D international transport ” in the late 80’s early 90’s ( Len and dowie, my dad was Len Evans ) they had 20 trucks at the peak of business doing mainly fridges and they purchased a scania centurion…. It was number 38, registration K776 NKB. My dad remembers it as a 143 460, but I’m not sure wether he means a 450 or 470. It wasn’t a streamline it was the better looking older shape, probably a topline, and a tag axle as he loved tag axle trucks.
    Unfortunately it went with the others when BSE and foot and mouth hit, and the early 90’s recession too ( hanging beef going over the water was the main work ) I remember as a very young boy crying when it went 😦
    He remembers it went up to Cumberland but can’t remember who to, he has pictures of it which I’ll try to get copies of, and he also still has the complementary kit that it came with, thermos, towel, flannel, belt, shaving kit and the leather suitcase. Which for the right price could be for sale… To finish anybody’s restored centurion. Any way I hope this helps with the list. Many thanks Adam Evans. 🙂


  3. i remember in 2003 they was a 6×2 tag streamline centurion on back of a low loader in the leeds container base it was painted red with a elephant like logo on the cab door in white. It was been sold for export i didnt get the reg or number or engine power. I remember thinking what a shame that there exporting a centurion


  4. Hi could get in toutch with scotchbilly he owned centurion j2 bwe from new would like to talk to him regards Ken Botham Commercials 07831 596151 01246 /477533


  5. Hola desde San Sebastian España,
    Tengo un scania 143 m 450 de 1991 ,numero de chasis 4308320, lo compre hace 21 años era de embargo y estuvo parado en una campa, algunos aprovecharon para quitarle los extras que tenia de centurion y no consigo el numero centurion que corresponde.
    Les agradecería si me indicaran donde puedo informarme ya que no tengo respuesta de scania Suecia.
    Me gustaría tener el nombre modelo matricula y numero de chasis del número 38 para apuntar en mi lista.
    Gracias y un saludo a todos.

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  6. Hi it’s chris sanderson from Stephen sanderson transport Market Harborough we brought J598 AAO from belle vie auctions in Manchester back in late 1990s it was ex jenkinsons Carlisle it was badged as a centurion and had sign writing on the sun visor as a centurion but it was a r cab 6 x 2 tag non topline 143 450 I will try and dig photos out too see if I can pick out the number on badge but may take a while wish we kept the old girl all them years ago I think it went around 2005 ish hope this may help at all I know it’s an old blog but the first time iv come across it my phone number is+447754458097


    • John we have a complete list all bar 6 trucks. But this will be kept as is for now until the book is published. If you have any info you’d like to contribute, the more the better!


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