Parkers ‘Orse Box


Yes a Volvo blog! I work in a small town in the sleepy Suffolk countryside about 10 miles from the centre of Ipswich, not exactly the best place for truck spotting. Top international owner driver Matt Campbell (him with the Rizzla blue DAF) was loading for us in Hadleigh today, well I thought he was but actually he was at the burger van.

So a burger van in little ol’ Hadleigh and who else should happen to be parked there?? That’s right John Parkers brand new Volvo FH Horsebox. Yea 100 yards from my office, but could I get out to see it? could I bugger. Phones went crazy and by the time I got out the bloomin ‘Orsebox had gone. I have seen it at the Retro Truck Show at Gaydon and it really is an awesome looking truck.

Parkers get about all over Europe and beyond and the new Volvo is no different, having already completed a trip to Libya. Well I think it might take me a few days to get over not seeing said truck on a working day but hopefully as they know where the burger van is perhaps they will be back another day?? If so let me know……
Thanks to Matt for the photos.


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