Norske MAN


A little black beauty that’s what it is! I want to see some more photos if any one can help? Haga Traffikskule looks like it is a driver training school (and the name would suggest that too!). The little MAN doesn’t make much of an appearance on the website so i’m guessing that it is only used for publicity and promotional stuff. Although I would like to think that it is used for driving training itself, who knows??

When I passed my Class 2 (Rigid) test it was in a Leyland Freighter with a 30ft flat bed body. My Class 1 (Articulated) test was done in a Renault Premium wagon and drag which was full length and just over 4.5m high! Just imagine if you could do your license in that dear little thing, easy peasy!!

Any way can some one tell me a little more and can one of you send me a few more photos of the little black beauty please? You know how a little big-cabbed TGL is my idea of the perfect truck, so come on bloggers you are my eyes and ears, do your stuff then email me the results; — Thank you

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