Blue Pete, Blue Sky, Blue Pete Guy


Every now and then I send out a Tweet to see where my Twitter followers are. Usually the replies come from Canada and the USA. Once again an all American trucker made contact. Mr Jeff Watret, a.k.a. @BluePeteGuy69 from Franklin, Illinois. As you can see above, Jeff drives a day cabbed Peterbilt 379 of 2007 vintage. He pulls a 40ft tandem axle tin plate grain hopper, although I think he’ll put anything that fits in the back not just the grain! Having only ever driven big Pete’s, Pat is more than happy with his current daily ride. Not a bad view either, with the big bonnet stretching out in front.



If you still think that American truckers get away with more than their European counterparts, don’t believe it. The American authorities are not just fair weather workers, Jeff was pulled over by the Illinois state Police the other morning, as you can see by the dazzling lights in the mirror and it was only 17’F or -8’c (depending which you prefer). A full log book check, axle and gross weight checks with mobile weigh pads, probably just trying to keep themselves warm! A let of with a warning and it was back to the Highway.


A more typical start to the morning above. Loading a full load of Soya beans from a farm in Jacksonville, Illinois. Hopefully Jeff will keep sending us pics. Nice to have regular updates from far and wide. Even I get bored with my own stuff on the blog, so it makes a good change to have something different to put up. If your on Twitter then how about following Jeff? his name is: @BluePeteGuy69 then you can keep up with blue Peterbilt and its daily travels.

You can follow truckblog on Twitter: @truckbloguk – If you are a tweeter you’ll get tweets each time I put something on the blog – at my current rate, thats once a week if yoru lucky!!

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