Its Not All Grim Ooop North

Horns Transport

Surely piloting a big Cummins powered Leyland Roadtrain can’t be a grim job?? Can it?? One of the UK’s last home grown truck talents. I love the big old Leylands, but there doesn’t seem to be many about now even on the show circuit, although I think I might be right in saying BH Cecil from Gloucestershire have one in restoration. The British Bulldog above was driven by top international heavy haulage pilot Stephen “Geordie” Pattison before his days of big red Scania’s. I have to say that Horns Transport from Tyneside is a new one on me, but some of you will no doubt remember them.

Horns Transport 3

Geordie gave me the following info on his days at Horns Transport, apparently his 4th job but also the firm that gave him the long distance driving bug. Any hoo, Why-aye-Man and all that, here’s what you need to know about these few photos and Horns Transport, literally straight from the horse mouth;

“The orange anchors we loaded in Walker & took em 2 Peterhead.
The sheeted loads was 4m Caberboard at Cowie 4 Northsheilds.”

“It was run by Harry Horn & his sister Mavis. 6 artics & 6 rigids, 3 of which were tautliners, 2 rigid hiabs, 2 flat rigids and 1 fitter Terry! It was just Harry & Mavis runnin the trucks, Caroline was the secretary & that was it. We were quite well paid, all the trucks livery was hand painted & we were 28t gross in them days no limiters! The yard was at Wellington Road, Dunston. They were coal merchants originally, but when I was there (94-99) we mainly did waist paper 2 Purfleet, rubber 2 various places and steel castings from Charlie Taylors in Southsheilds (where I had me accident!). 2 London & 1 Scotch trip a week! Oh and their mam & dad started the business”.

“3 of us were classed as hurry up men (asap anytime anywhere) UK work only & mainly rope & sheet which is were I learned 2 do it (Handy for current HC Wilson work – TB) By the way there was a guy who worked there called George Horn, no relation, but he still drives at 74 & also his 2 brothers !! When we did wastepaper 2 Purfleet, if we ran on Sunday, u could never get passed the weighbridge at Sawtry on the A1, as it was always open & pulled every North East truck!! No phones in them days, u would find a payphone when emty and ring in. If no reload we’d wait by phone till they rang back. No fuel cards either we had 2 do whatever trip we had on the tank which was normally about 400ltr & that C reg I had had a belly tank on 200ltr maybe.”

Horns Transport 2

A lovely little snippet into the ways of the North East, although to be honest it sounds to me the way all firms used to be. Those were days of hard graft and long days to make the next load. Also slightly less regulated must have helped! 😉 If you have anything to add about Horns Transport or you want to share some thing on the blog, just email me;

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