Broadly Speaking its a Crane


We need your help on this please bloggers. Spotted enjoying the peaceful surroundings of the Norfolk Broads, this old girl is now lifting few boats in and out of the water at Potter Heigham, Norfolk. Top blog spotter and these days blog reporter James Cartwright was busy enjoying a weekend away with the Mrs. Natrually photos of the local tourist spots soon make way for some top spotting! The only thing being neither of us have any clue what this is. Is it a truck with a crane or is it just a crane truck…..well I know what I mean! Is it an old Coles or Grove crane with a road cab?? Who knows, I clearly don’t have a clue what i’m on about this evening. It has a slight hint of a Foden cab although I know its not and James says Mrs Cartwright couldn’t find any type of plate! 😉  All suggestions greatly appreciated, leave your comments below or email me;


2 thoughts on “Broadly Speaking its a Crane

  1. hi
    it’s a hydrocon hebridean crane, based more than likely on an Albion Reiver chassis. thought i recognised the H on the grill and fibreglass cab. I drove a later Hydrocon model was a Talisman i think , based on an Albion Clydesdale chassis but with a standard LAD cab.
    20 tonnes on a 4 wheeler and about 100 bhp , 5 speed + splitter.


  2. last time i visited potter heigham the old hydrocon had sadly been replaced by something more modern. hopefully someone may have got it for restoration.


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