Wrecked to Riches


A few days back we were pushed for time at work with a trailer we were doing for Mammoet, so to try and help out and get back on track I popped off to Needham Market to do the first drop. All the paper work said was “1 x Scania Cab”. Being ever hopeful I was hoping it would be an old one and really why would you put any type of new cab on a groupage trailer from Holland. For those locals who know, the delivery was to Canacraft, now becoming well know for excellent paint jobs of various trucks and also for an old Scania 143 that they restored to name a few. Have a look at the gallery and you’ll see some other you recognise. The 143 now gone they have got into 1 series Scania’s. On arrival there was an old 111 sat in the corner of the yard, that has definitely seen better days, an ex Brain Haulage one as it goes. For those of you who are thinking it, no I didn’t get the reg! Any way I naturally assumed the cab would be for that, but no I was wrong! After opening the trailer up it was clear it was going to take a little time to get it off. Sat on its back on a Euro Pallet. To be honest it had come all the way from Greece like it and there was hardly a mark on it. Being the helpful chap I am, I helped get the cab off and then we spent 10 minutes rolling it round off the pallet and sitting it on a frame ready for a bit of work. The cab itself is in good nick and doesn’t need a great deal of work. I was actually quite keen on the colours too. Anyone recognise the stripes??


As I said, I assumed that the cab was for the 111 on wheels in the yard, I was wrong. It turns out the 141 cab is going onto a 141 chassis…..


….The MRCT cab is rotten! Right through it is all rust and holes and really to far gone to save. In true Scania V8 style she still has life in her. If you can get into the drivers seat missing the holes in the floor and the door doesn’t fall off, push the key in and hit the glorious piece of mechanic romance that is the starter button and she grumbles into life. You may be wondering what Canacraft are planning on doing with the 141…let me enlighten you further. The old girl was originally a 4×2 tractor unit but at some point was stretched and had a wrecker body put on and was used as the MRCT breakdown truck for a number of years, before being retired and left to rust in the corner (MRCT should be ashamed!). The plan is to chop the chassis once more and put her back to her original set up as a tractor unit, then back to the show circuit. Surely all old trucks of this vintage should be given the chance to get old gracefully rather than rust away in the corner?? Nowadays all our aging trucks are exported so in 10 years time you wont be able to find an early 4 series or a tidy FH16 Globetrotter as they will have all gone to warmer climbs. Lets make the most of our veterans that we have left, afteral they got us to where we are today!


Does anyone have any photos of HVF 520V in any of her previous guises? Email them over and i’ll put them up here; ben@truckblog.co.uk be good to see her as a tractor unit. Canacraft plan to do both the 111 and the 141 up but will probably do the 111 up to a decent standard and then sell her on…..a little tip there! I look forward to seeing the 141 hit the shows next year I guess, having seen the 143 that came from the Needham Market stable, I’m sure that both these old Scania’s will be rather sort after.

2 thoughts on “Wrecked to Riches

  1. if you look in my photo albums i think you will find photoes of the mrct 141 in the cream and red livery and a photo in d a garnhams colours how i think had it new,howard at cana ctaft does a great job of these classic motors.


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