Manton European Freezer Freight Part 10

2 - Scania 113M Topline Streamline

Part 10 and its a bit of a belter to be honest!! For those of you who might not have done a search on the blog for Mantons, it all started back on the 21st February 2011. I posted up a photo of a nice Manton truck I took a photo of in Braintree when I was a boy and since then it’s just rolled on and on. In fact it probably is worth a search to read a few of the posts. This latest installment of pics is from Rich Tilford, the man responsible for spraying all the Manton vehicles.

9 - Scania 124 400

I first heard from Rich when he contacted me via email. The email read as follows;

“Hi Ben’ just browsing on me phone these trucks look very familiar. I used to paint them!… Got all sorts of reg no.s running through my mind! I remember K414! Is that sad? K14 NTL was ridged fridge driven by Mark Bussey , who previously drove M396 JRH a 7.5t Renault Midliner. I think there was a few Magnums (4?) N830 DAG rings a bell! They where a bit of a twat to paint due to height and fibre glass cab attracted dust (static elec) etc. I have a few photos of there later vehicles 1995> ie. Late 3 series first 4 series N682 JWT? P65. .. etc. Currently running DAF 95/ 105/ but plain white or yellow livery (boring) not seen Dave Manton in long time hope he and family are well”

I think its fair to say that Rich qualifies as a reliable source of Manton info. Having posted me a batch of his photos for me to scan (as Rich can’t work anything unless it runs on diesel), Rich also added a small note in the envelope with a few notes on each pic. For example, Rich says that the 4 Series Scania above was part of a batch of 4 trucks and P657 RYG was badly damaged in an accident just 2 weeks after he took these photos. On one of the earlier Manton posts on the blog, we talked about there being a Renault Magnum on the fleet. Not just one according to Rich and we have a bit of evidence to show that they did exist as we have a couple of Tilfords photos showing the before and after of said Magnums.

20 - Renault Magnum before livery

21 - Renault Magnum - N380 DAG

18 - Mantons Scania's

Some of you may recognise the spec of the 3 series in the foreground as I did. Rich said that there were 3 or 4 of these 3 series Scania’s with the side skirts. They were a cancelled order from MacFarlanes Transport and were already painted in the familiar green and yellow livery of Macfarlane. It wasn’t just tractor units that Rich had to paint. Trailers were a regular in the paint shop too. Most of the fridge trailers were painted in the same livery, apart from this one trailer below. For a reason that Rich has told me, just one fridge was given this livery, I rather like it! Perhaps some one can enlighten the rest of us??

11 - Trailer MT56

19a - Manton Tanker

19 - Manton Tanker

Rich also hasn’t said whether he was a dab hand with a paint brush as well as the spray gun. Some smart sign writing on these trailers, especially on the tanker. Next up we have one of the tankers being pulled by a Volvo Globetrotter. Apparently the only FH Volvo Mantons had. This one was also the first truck that Rich painted when he started at Mantons, so good was the paint work the truck also made it to the Volvo truck stand at the Pickering show.

22 - Volvo FH12 - N474 BEF

24 - Volvo on Stand

There are plenty more of Rich Tilfords pics on my Flickr page for you to see. Click HERE to have a look. A couple of nice rigids for different uses, but all in some form of yellow and green.

12 - Scania 143M - K414 KNW

Last but by no means least, K414 KNW. This is the 143 that started all this off and it wasn’t even a from-new purchase by the looks of it. That is unless it was an ex demonstrator, they do look like Scania stripes don’t they. A few days in the paint shop with our man Tilford and she soon looked like part of the fleet, soon to be on regular runs to Moscow. Freshly painted waiting to leave the paint shop, just imagine the turning that key! All I can say is that I am very pleased that Rich managed to browse the Internet on his phone even though it doesn’t run on diesel! Thanks Rich, here’s hoping that you find some more photos one day.

13 - Scania 143M - K414 KNW

Funnily enough in the middle of Rich contacting me, I had this comment on a Mantons blog post, from K414 KNW’s owner when it left the Manton fleet. Mr Lee Windle said;

“Just looking through the Manton story and seen a photo of K414 KNW. I was the owner of this truck for 4 years after Manton traded it in at Scania Normanton in West Yorkshire. It was working round trip to Germany every week and never let me down. I had it repainted white cab red chassis when I first bought it. Sold it to a chap in Wakefield then saw it a few years later for sale on ebay. I added the spot lights, air horns and alloy wheels.. that gave me the bug for the V8’s, had them ever since current truck Scania R580 4X2 OPTIC CRUISE……”

The one thing with this blog is how these things all lead onto some thing else. Any one got a photo of K414 in its life after Mantons??

2 thoughts on “Manton European Freezer Freight Part 10

  1. ive no photos of the scaina but i also drove the 7.5 ton midliner for about 5 years for mantons.ive sinse learnt that 3 weeks after i left they sold it,has anyone got any info on M396JRH.


  2. The Fridge was MT56 a trial livery but Steve Manton did not like it hence only one existed like that, we (the drivers loved it and once we had it we did not like to give it up) .


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