One Mans Scania is Another Man’s Dream


Not so long ago I was the owner of a very nice Scania 141, but all good things have to come to an end. So the time came and she was sold. The problem was before I made the decision to sell her I was thinking of selling and buying a 143 and having some change. This didn’t quite go to plan due to starting a family, so the 143 plan is hold for now. The thing that made it so hard was that I found this truck for sale in Holland. Looks lovely although in need of a wash! Anyway this idea had to be put on hold.

Scania 143-450 1996

A few months went by and this black beauty had disappeared from the various used truck websites I keep tabs on. Then one day it appeared back, at a new dealers and for sale for quite a bit more, but at least it had had a wash! It was still very appealing but I had to stay strong! The chance came and went and to this day I still live in hope of finding a lovely old 143 that needs a home when I have the time and the money. Then by one of these increasingly weird coinsedances on Facebook it appeared once again, well it looked like it and how can you really mistake it. It’s now been touched up, shown a bit of love and had a good polish as well another wash or 2!


The truck now belongs to Sam Nelis from Belgium and I have to say he has done a good job on the truck. Keeping the lovely black paint and just adding a few simple stripes and accessories, she looks stunning. How about the painted wheels?? I said on the blog recently how painted wheels are the current fashion, and looking at the pics above, it makes a massive difference to the truck. Looks great.


Scania 143-450 1996


Fingers crossed the lottery numbers come up this Friday, then I think I may have to have a nice chat with Mr Nelis. After lots of hard graft restoring the 141 to show condition I think the next truck will have to already be in show condition so all I have to do is wash polish it ready for days out. I think this 143 is yet anoher example of how simple / subtle is the way forward. Nice one Sam!



4 thoughts on “One Mans Scania is Another Man’s Dream

  1. 3K to go on getting the 89 back then my Streamliner can have some TLC. Though mine’s a 6×2 rigid it was still a good buy! Good bye!


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