New MAN in The Blogs Life

James Kinnards MAN TGL with Propeller blade load

I received a nice surprise on the Blog Facebook Page last week. James Kinnard posted a couple of photos of his MAN TGL flatbed that he pilots for JJ Transport from ooop Manchester way. It looks like this little MAN is another busy TGL. Buzzing here there and every where, including regular trips across the water to France and Ireland. The bonus of the flatbed is the possibility of oversize loads, i’ve seen a few pics of a cabin or 2. Hopefully the load James has on in these pics is one load of a few as it’s a propeller. Looks like 1 blade to me, so i guess it needs at least 2 others to help it propell what ever its propelling. Hopefully James will send a few more pics of his travels and I have sent him a sticker so that should appear on the truck & blog soon enough. I think we need some DAF LF and Mercedes Atego representation on the blog!! Can you help??

James Kinnards MAN TGL with Propeller blade load

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