SCOOP!! Mercedes Benz Antos – First Release

New: Mercedes Benz Antos

After the recent launch of the New Actros range, we all knew it would be long before the other new models came along. First up is the Antos. This is the first few paragraphs from the press release. There is lots more waffle but all you need to know for now is as follows;

“At the beginning of the week Daimler presented the new Mercedes-Benz Antos, the first specialist vehicle model series designed for heavy-duty short-radius distribution transportation use. The vehicle will celebrate its public premiere at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover in September (I’m already booked to go – Ed). Whether put to use for food, heating oil, building materials or municipal transportation applications, with a permissible gross vehicle weight of between 18 and 26 tonnes the Antos is totally at home in the regional transportation sector. Even though its exterior unmistakably reflects its relationship with the new Actros, the Antos boasts a number of special highlights in terms of its design. In line with its often urban area of application, on the one hand the Antos sports a very friendly look. At the same time, the relatively flat design for short-radius distribution creates an extremely robust and sturdy appearance. The continuous 2.30 metre-wide cab of the new Mercedes-Benz Antos is available in the ClassicSpace design in short (S) and medium (M) lengths. The medium-length variant is also available as the super-flat CompactSpace cab, for trucks with cooling units fitted to the body, for example. The premium cockpit area provides the driver with an ergonomic place of work: the vehicle instruments are clearly arranged and easy to use from an ergonomic point of view. In addition, the modern multifunction steering wheel as well as the generous seat adjustment options help to make the day-to-day work of the driver easier.”

New: Mercedes Benz Antos

Engine sizes are from 7.7 litre to 12.8 litre and power ranges from 238hp all the way to 510hp if required. One of the most impressive claims of the Antos is that, supposedly you can buy a 40 ton tractor unit with a Euro VI, 428hp engine that weighs in at approx 6,400kg. If you go for the Antos Loader you can achieve an unladen weight of less than 6,000kg. You have to admit that’s pretty impressive. Would the drive axle weights be up to it?? My only thought with such a huge range of variants, will the Antos not contradict the Actros range? I’m sure there’s some one at Mercedes Benz who can explain the differences between the 2 ranges other than the cab type availability. I look forward to the new Construction range which I think will be next year and then the new Atego after that.

New: Mercedes Benz Antos

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