Dutch Knights of The Road

08112011 FH16 Dargun Duitsland!! 010.jpg

A few weeks back I asked about a German MAN TGL breakdown truck, I got a good email from a Dutch reader, Bauke Van Der Wal. Not only did Bauke tell me all about the Koopmann MAN he also told me about a big V8 Actros that Koopmann run, its worth searching on YouTube for the sound! I have since looked up the Koopmann website and it is so disappointing I wish I hadn’t looked, so we’ll get back to Bauke and Broekhuizen.

DAF 95sc 051007 02.jpg

DAF 95sc 051007 12.jpg

After getting through the Koopmann stuff, it turns out that Bauke is himself a Wrecker driver for Dutch firm Broekhuizen from Donkerbroek. Broekhuizen do all types of recovery, both national work in the Netherlands as well as International recovery. A mixed fleet by the looks of it. Bauke drives a few of the smaller trucks, but is currently doing training to enable him to work on the bigger trucks, like the 8×4 DAF’s and Volvo’s. Bauke said in his email;

“I work in the towing and recovery for the company Broekhuizen. I drive the most with the DAF 45 for the short distance and for the long distances with the Mercedes Atego. For the accident recovery when we have to use a crane I drive the DAF 95 6×2. Also I drive as second driver on the big DAF 95 Spacecab 8×4 or the FH16 8×4 when we have a big heavy recovery. I’m in training and learning for the heavy recovery.”

31032011 003.jpg

23072010 appelscha n381 001.jpg

Looks like Bauke keeps himself busy and is quite a keen photographer too, so fingers crossed for more photos to come. It would be good to have a regular Dutch contributor. Any way that’s about for today, but i’ll leave you with a photo of Baukes big DAF 6×2, but see how long it takes you to work out what he’s about to recover, leave your answers in the comment box below.

14052012 hoogersmilde 006.jpg

Thanks to Bauke for the pics and info.

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