Wilson Wednesday!!

HC Wilson that is. A regular feature here on the blog, my previous employers are the cream of the crop when it comes to International Abnormal Loads. So what better way to show you all what they get up to, than put up what they are up to on a Wednesday. Why on Wednesday’s?? because it makes a title! I have to say this week we are a little short on contributors, but hey ho, you’ll get what i’ve got.


First up, above, is Gareth Rowlands in V8 HCW, a Scania R580 V8. A load of Machinery delivering to Leamington Spa this morning. Looks like he was accompanied by SW04 HCW, an aging but loyal, Scania 124 470 in the background.

WIL 2218 + B25

Above is Ian “Slim” Godfrey in the soon to be replaced DAF WIL 2218. This neatly sheeted load was from Dusseldorf, Germany to Kettering.

X300 HCW

Next is Jon Prkye in X300 HCW, a Scania R480. For those who know Mr Pryke, you’d know its his truck by the photo!! Loaded here with excavator tracks. These are not in there usual guise as you would have spotted. These are for such a large excavator that arrive on site unrolled and then are built onto said big ol’ digger! Loaded in Germany and delivered to a coal mine in Scotland.

You may have noticed that there isn’t actually anything particularly abnormal, so I thought I would include a Sunday night spot on the A12 (I was tipped off, not casually spotting!).

WIL 2580 + SCH1

This was John Stocks in WIL 2580, a 250 ton GVW Scania 8×4 R580 V8. As I said I was tipped off of said beastie heading up the A12 to Harwich. Loaded with an 80 ton Rotor Shaft, heading off to the continent.

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