Ozzie Big Macks – by Huppo

A quick bit of Ozzie history. A few nicely restored Mack’s, bought to us by one of the blogs roving reporters from Australia, Joe Hupp;

Golden Oldies time - some special old Macks

This is a Mack B-61 (6 cylinder) – seen here dressed up in the fleet colours of Jeffsan Plant Hire of Agnes Banks, NSW, Australia…..”Misty Blue”, as she is known, is a very popular truck for truck photographers like myself.

Golden Oldies time - some special old Macks

Next is of a Mack B-615RS (V8) – this one belongs to a one eyed and very fastidious Mack-man, Fred Goldspring of Rutherford, NSW, Australia. Fred has done a marvellous job in restoring this truck and I am proud to say that I have met him – he has every receipt for the truck from the time the truck was first delivered through to restoration receipts and many more!

Golden Oldies time - some special old Macks

Finally an iconic truck in Australia….this is the legendary Mack SuperLiner MkII (depicted by the square headlights) – there’s only one truck even more legendary here than a standard SuperLiner and that is the BiCentennial SuperLiner! There were 16 BiCentennial SuperLiners built in 1988 to celebrate 200 years of Australia – the man who owned Room 500 has a few of them!

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